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Step Lines

[title] Connecting the extruder cable bundle (part 3)
-[* black] Connect the extruder from the heatbed to the RAMBo board:
+[* black] Connect the cables from the extruder to the RAMBo board:
[* violet] P.I.N.D.A. probe (v-cable, 4 wires)
[* blue] Left hotend fan (v-cable, 3 wires)
[* yellow] Extruder motor (yellow label with "E")
[* orange] Extruder heater
[* green] Extruder thermistor (yellow/green heat shrink, orientation does not matter)
[* red] Front print fan (red heat shrink, ensure that the red wire is closer to the extruder thermistor)
[* light_blue] Filament sensor cable (use the lower row of pins in the connector and ensure the red wire is on the right, facing the outside of the board)