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[title] Connecting v-cables to the Extruder cables
[* black] Original Prusa i3 MK2.5 upgrade brings several improvements from the MK3, however, there are not enough pins on the on board's connectors. Using v-cables we will split one cable into two connectors.
[* green] Take v-cable for the PINDA V2 probe and connect it to the PINDA probe cable from the Extruder.
[* light_blue] Take v-cable for the Left hotend fan and connect it to the Left hotend fan cable from the Extruder.
+[* icon_note] Quick check: PINDA probe is using 4 wires, therefore, you need to connect v-cable with 3+1 wires.
+[* orange] Press the cable bundle from the heatbed in the hole on RAMBo-cover-base. Make sure the textile sleeve is partly in.

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